Keynotes and talks can be customized to the theme of the conference and the type of audience. The most successful topics have been from the following:

Inside A Hacker's Playbook: Learning From Attackers To Optimize Defenses

Get a clear understanding of the multiple layers of an attack as I walk through an exciting battle of a hacker versus a defender. Get inside the mind of malicious hackers at every step of the process to stop them in their tracks. Learn from their strategies to optimize your security posture and gain actionable insights for a resilient digital future.

This talk is full of exciting demos with a pinch of humor.

Audience Takeaways

  • Understand the attack kill chain
  • Understand defense in depth
  • Learn to prioritise defenses

Your Organization From A Hacker's Perspective

What does a hacker actually “see” when a user clicks a link in a phishing email? How quickly can a cybercriminal decrypt user passwords? What can you do to protect your business and your consumer data from the expected rise of cyber attacks and data breaches in 2019?

Join Mishaal Khan, Certified Ethical Hacker, to witness real-time simulated scenarios. Get phished, crack passwords in seconds, experience advanced social engineering, and find out how publicly accessible information about your organization can be used against you by your competitors, nation-state attackers and disgruntled employees.

Audience Takeaways

  • A better understanding of how hackers think
  • A practical approach to strengthening your security posture
  • Actionable insights to help secure your business’ most valuable assets

The Power Of Social Engineering Attacks: Creating A Security Culture

Dive into the thrilling realm of cybersecurity with this dynamic talk as we peel back the layers of the latest attacks deployed by cybercriminals. We'll uncover the most cunning social engineering tactics hackers use, including phishing, vishing, voice cloning, and the weaponization of QR codes, all enhanced by AI technologies. This session goes beyond theory, featuring eye-opening live demos that vividly demonstrate how these digital predators exploit public information and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for precision attacks. More than just a lecture, it's an interactive playbook filled with practical strategies and insights to help you anticipate, recognize, and neutralize these evolving cyber threats. Join us for an exciting experience that equips you to stand firm in the ever-changing digital security landscape.

This will be fun and engaging, leaving audience members smiling and amazed. By the end of the session, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of social engineering techniques and how to use them to identify and defend against social engineering attacks. This will help you develop a security culture that will allow you to improve your organization's security posture.

Audience Takeaways

  • Awareness through real examples
  • Dissecting scary tactics used to manipulate people
  • How to identify and mitigate such threats

Forging Strong Security Leadership: A Top Down Approach

Building a resilient security posture begins with effective leadership. This talk dives into the essential steps for developing robust security leadership within your organization. We'll explore the key attributes and skills that security leaders need to cultivate, from strategic thinking and communication to crisis management and team empowerment. Attendees will gain practical insights into fostering a security consciousness and accountability culture by drawing on real-world examples and best practices. By the end of this session, you'll be equipped with actionable strategies to nurture and elevate security leaders who can confidently guide your organization through today's complex threat landscape. Join us in the pursuit of a stronger, more secure future.

Audience Takeaways

  • Best practices when developing a security posture for your organization
  • Immediately implement strategies that will safeguard your environment
  • Shift the idea that cybersecurity is not an IT issue but an organization wide issue

Securing Non-Profits in the Cyber Age

In this engaging talk, I take you inside the mind of a hacker to explore the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by non-profit organizations. I'll discuss how factors such as high volunteer turnover, a culture of trust, limited budgets, and the need to protect high-value investor information can make these organizations particularly vulnerable to cyber threats. But it's not all doom and gloom! I'll also provide practical, cost-effective, and even free solutions to these challenges. I'll outline the principles of basic cybersecurity hygiene and provide actionable next steps that non-profits can take to enhance their digital security. This talk is a must for any non-profit seeking to safeguard its operations in the increasingly complex digital landscape. So, buckle up and get ready to think like a hacker!

Audience Takeaways

  • Understand your vulnerabilities in this space
  • Know your options when it comes to defenses
  • Strategize and take action today

People Hunting with OSINT

This session explores advanced techniques and tools for extracting valuable information from diverse online platforms, social media, public databases, and breaches. By emphasizing responsible approaches to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), attendees will learn how to navigate vast data sources, analyze digital footprints, and uncover the hidden gems of online information. Learn to harness the power of OSINT, as Mishaal walks you through some quick OSINT demos. Stalkers not allowed!

Audience Takeaways

  • Their mind blown on the simple techniques used to breach their defenses
  • A better understanding of the scary tactics used to manipulate people
  • How to identify and mitigate such threats