"I help secure organizations against cyber threats by offering strategic insights from a hacker's perspective."

Mishaal is open to speaking at your next event and offers the following options:



Kick off your event with an engaging keynote.

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Book Signing

Book Signing

A memorable takeaway for the attendees.

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Gather attendees for a deeper discussion on a focussed topic.

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Upskill with the next level of live, hands-on training.

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Speaking. Lasting impact.

Mishaal's passionate speaking style, fueled by a hacker's perspective, imparts a lasting influence on every audience long after the applause fades.

The following delivery styles are available:


  • 45-60 mins opening or closing keynote with Q&A
  • Spend a few additional hours to talk to attendees during the conference

Conference Talk

  • 45-60 min talk with Q&A, as part of the conference speaker list and talk tracks

Panel Discussion

  • Part of a 2-4 person panel discussion of 30 to 60 mins


  • 30-60 min web conference, streamed live or pre-recorded
  • High-resolution camera and professional microphone with exceptional audio/video experience

Book Signing. Experiences to share.

A book signing can add value to the event and serve as a memorable takeaway for participants combined with any of the in-person options.


  • The conference provides a table with a black cloth for the book signing
  • The conference allocates a 1 or 2-hour time slot during the conference for the book signing
  • Conference emails in advance to all attendees about the book signing time and location


The conference can purchase books or offer them as a vendor sponsorship package.

  • Vendor Sponsored: One of the conference vendors pays for the books and can have a thank you flyer or a branded bookmark placed inside the book.
  • Conference Sponsored: The conference pays for the books and can pass them out in their attendee swag bags or put a flyer inside the book at the book signing.

Cost Estimate:

The suggested number of copies to purchase as part of this package is about 30% of the attendees, or at least 50 copies. The cost of each book is $20. ($20 x 50 = $1,000 minimum)

Workshop. A focussed discussion.

A workshop is ideal for discussing an important topic with a focused group. Details can vary per topic but usually comprise the following:

  • Length: between 1 to 4 hours
  • Style: Interactive demos
  • Audience Level: Beginner
  • Topics: Beginner
    1. Effective Cybersecurity Leadership: Leadership skills
    2. Security Awareness Training: Live demos and interactions to help solidify concepts
    3. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): Basics of OSINT for all sorts of research and investigations
    4. Social Engineering: Basic applications of how hackers use social engineering concepts and how to detect them

Training. Involve them, and they will never forget.

Get advanced training on the topics below from a subject matter expert. The best part is: There are no PowerPoint slides. Everything is hands-on, with real examples and many interactions to facilitate learning.

  • Length: from half day (4 hrs) to 4 days
  • Audience Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Topics:
    1. Next Level OSINT: Advanced Open Source Intelligence investigation techniques utilizing some hacker tools
    2. Next Level CISO: How to be an effective Chief Information Security Officer and accelerate the process to improve the organization's security posture.
    3. Next Level GEOint: Advanced image geo-location techniques (launching soon)