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"I help secure organizations against cyber threats by offering strategic insights from a hacker's perspective."

Speaking. Lasting impact.

Mishaal's passionate speaking style, fueled by a hacker's perspective, imparts a lasting influence on every audience long after the applause fades.

Recognized for his mastery in the field, he delivers outstanding presentations in various formats, such as keynotes, conference talks, panel discussions, webinars, and hands-on training.

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Author. Experiences to share.

Mishaal's extensive leadership experience and insights are captured in his book, "The Phantom CISO," which he co-authored. He shares the journey from an entry-level position to a leadership role in the cybersecurity landscape.



Entrepreneur. Problem solver.

Mishaal is a vCISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for many clients.

He's often called the "Hacker CISO" because he wears many hats and brings a simple yet effective approach to the cybersecurity lifecycle.

He is also the founder of multiple startups in the field of cybersecurity, privacy, intelligence, and cybersecurity leadership:

Jack Of All Trades

unfiltered opinions, hacker mindset, author, passionate speaker, relatable stories.

Skill Sets. Effective.

By having a hacker mindset, Mishaal possesses unique yet practical skills to get the message across.


Mishaal seeks to raise awareness and educate individuals and organizations on cybersecurity, privacy, and OSINT threats. He aims to provide actionable next steps for adequate protection.

Jack of All Trades, Master of Some

With over twenty years of experience globally, he brings a valuable mix of skills. As a vCISO, Certified Ethical Hacker, Social Engineer, the first IntelTechniques Certified OSINT Professional, and a privacy consultant, he excels as a problem solver.


His honest and unfiltered approach captivates his audience by staying true to himself and fearlessly speaking his mind. This quality is highly valued in a field saturated with sponsorship bias and an overarching focus on public perception.


Through a blend of personal anecdotes and relatable examples, he has an innate ability to forge connections with individuals and simplify intricate subjects into digestible information.