An unfiltered and opinionated hacker, author, and passionate speaker, who is exciting and relatable.


Mishaal leverages his expertise in cybersecurity, privacy, and OSINT to raise awareness and educate individuals and organizations on potential threats they may not be aware of. He also provides actionable next steps to help protect against these threats.

Jack of All Trades, Master of Some

Having amassed over two decades of multinational experience, he operates as a virtual CISO, a Certified Ethical Hacker, a Social Engineer, the first IntelTechniques Certified OSINT Professional, a privacy consultant, and an adept problem solver.


With his honest and unfiltered approach, he captivates his audience by staying true to himself and fearlessly speaking his mind. This quality is highly valued in a field saturated with sponsorship bias, an emphasis on political correctness, and an overarching focus on public perception.


Through a blend of personal anecdotes, astute reasoning, and relatable examples, he possesses an innate ability to forge connections with individuals and simplify intricate subjects into readily comprehensible terms.

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"I engage my audience by immersing them in a relatable and entertaining learning environment."

Wild West Hackin' Fest

Next Level OSINT


People Hunting: A Pentester’s Perspective

5x @ Wild West Hackin' Fest

When OSINT Met Privacy, Next Level OSINT, Operation Privacy, What's Up Breaches, 16 hr Training

2x @ ConINT

Advancing OSINT with Social Engineering,
Breaches: Mixed Emotions

GRIMMCon 0x7

CISO-ng: The Next Generation of Cybersecurity Leaders


The Power of Social Engineering

Trace Labs

LinkedIn OSINT Techniques

PancakesCon 2

Phishing with Caricatures

Layer 8 Conference

Pivot, Pivot, Pivot

Muslim Hackathon

Privacy Unchained

Mindsight Presentation

A Hacker's Perspective on Hybrid Work


Corporate Breach: Your organization from the eyes of a hacker

Antisyphon Training

OSINT Uncovered. Mind blowing OSINT techniques!