Jack of All Trades, Master of Some

With over 20 years of multinational experience, he’s a virtual CISO, certified Ethical Hacker, Social Engineer, the 1st IntelTechniques Certified OSINT Professional, Privacy consultant, coder, and a general problem solver.


Mishaal uses his Cybersecurity background along with his Privacy and OSINT skills to spread awareness, educate people and provide actionable next steps to help protect people and organizations from threats they may not be aware of.


With his honest and unfiltered approach, he gets the attention of his audience by staying authentic and not being afraid to say it as it is. A quality that is sought after in this field that is full of sponsorship bias, being politically correct, and thinking about what people will say.


His personal examples, anecdotes, and clear thought process allow him to connect with people effortlessly and explain complex matters in a simplified manner.


Mishaal works as a vCISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for his clients.

He is also the Co-Founder of 3 startups in the field of Cybersecurity, Privacy, and OSINT, respectively.


He actively maintains an open-source project on GitHub: VoIP Suite, a self-hosted privacy-focused Voice-Over-IP application, along with a DIY privacy management dashboard.

He also volunteers his time for mentoring, helping people in trouble with his OSINT skills, and educating by giving talks.

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